Roofing Repair & Installation

With over 25 years of experience, our experts are the best in the roofing business. We guarantee excellent customer service and affordable pricing. We know how to identify the condition of your current roof and what roof is best for your home.

There are different roofing materials and techniques available in the market that reap different benefits. In order to realize the best roofing services, work with us at ProWork builders, who have the knowledge and expertise, for all your roofing services.

Highly Qualified Contractors

Our highly qualified contractors will provide you with a quality and durable roof.  A roof is the backbone to your home, and when done right it will provide a safer home, lower energy bill, and an increased overall home appeal. A home with a strong roof will avoid the need to carry out regular repairs.

We work on both residential and commercial roofing projects as an established roofing company. Our work has been reviewed as “The best service and results I’ve had with any contractor!” Each project we carry out, we treat like our own home with the highest standards.

Best Rates

Are you looking for roofers whom you can hire and save money in the process? You are in the right place. We offer the most competitive prices in the Twin-Cities metro region.

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At ProWork builders we always listen to your specific needs before we embark on the roof repair or installation services. Apart from carrying out roof installation services, you can also hire us for doorswindows and siding installation. We can cover all of your homes exterior needs.

If you would like to learn more, please submit your project on the Contact Us tab, or give us a call for a free quote! Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.